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Do you wish to change their environment and give a slightly different image of their home or office, but do not know how? Maybe your friend or boss's birthday and you find it difficult to choose a gift? We hope that our Art gallery of paintings "Masterpiece" will help you make your home more comfortable, and present a vivid and memorable. We want to offer a glimpse into our gallery and maybe there you can find exactly what you need. After all, we have submitted paintings, oil paintings of various techniques of painting, icons, paintings on stone, reproductions of paintings and other works of art not only emphasize a particular style and decorate the wall, but positive energy and fill your home and interior, improve mood.

Painting Gallery "Shedevr" offers a variety of paintings and various costs paintings, genre, technique and direction: oil paintings by famous artists, antique paintings, oil painting, portrait (image of people), landscapes (nature), still-lifes (flowers, trees, inanimate nature), portraits, impressionism, mysticism, animals, marinizm (sea), nude, feng shui, fantasy and mythology, religion and philosophy, story composition, embroidery patterns and more. We have presented the picture - this is a work of talented young artists, and who knows, maybe after what some half a century, these paintings will be a real masterpiece of art (like old pictures of other famous artists Dali, Rembrandt), and a century later - a dream of collectors. So do not hesitate and doubt about the quality of paintings and professionalism of their authors, especially since many of them more than once took part in the exhibitions of world-class.
       Our online store paintings - the largest in Ukraine and CIS online gallery where you can not only buy paintings by contemporary artists at retail or wholesale, but also a lot of pleasant emotions from what you see here an abundance of colors and shades that can make our life more colorful and diverse . Here you can also pick up a frame (fillet) of the selected pictures. We sell oil paintings on the Internet with the possibility of free shipping or view in our showroom in Kiev and throughout Ukraine and the world. For the convenience of customers of the paintings we have on the canvas are ordered not only in style and genre, but also on the subject, colors and size. Therefore, we can pick several paintings from a series that will show you the closest in style of writing inks on canvas and on their perception. These pictures will help to create in your room, office, house a small gallery, which will always give you a particle of warmth, comfort and the sea of good feeling.

Our online gallery of pictures, also offers a range of unique services for writing patterns, stylized photos for various techniques of painting, montage, pastiche portrait photo restoration and fabrication of these reproductions,

And yet ... If this works you plenty still can not find anything under your decor, then you still have a chance not to leave the art gallery of paintings "Masterpiece" with empty hands. After all, we can not just buy by selecting from the options, but also ordered her to write in accordance with your wishes, even with pictures.

If the choice of pictures on the Internet for you is a challenge, we look forward to your call and visit us in the gallery. Confident that we can assist you in selecting works of art, and will satisfy even the most sophisticated wishes!

team of "Shedevr" gallery.


+38 (096) 331-40-59


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