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Paintings for rent

       Art-gallery "Chef-d'ouvre" offer you a new decision in the design and continuous updating of the interior without big expenses.


  • You have an important meeting, and you want to make interior in conference room.
  • You have moved into a new cabinet, but there is no time or funds to do the design of the walls . 
  • You have a celebration. It is necessary to decorate the banquet hall. 
  • You want to buy this picture. But maybe that won? You should try both. 
  • You want each month to change the interior in the lobby, office, cabinet... 
  • You need a certain atmosphere in the hall, designed style. For example, "Glamor," "Sea Rhapsody", "Village people", "Nude," "Mystery" ... etc. 
  • And a thousand different reasons.

       You have the opportunity at a low cost (rent) to get expensive paintings to decorate your interior, and with long-term co-operation every few months to update the interior of the new canvases for the replacement of old ones.

The number of paintings for rent - 3 canvases from «All pictures».
Term of rent - unlimited.
Prepayment - no! You only pay rent for the first and last months and the cost of installation the paintings in your room (selected a frame, delivery, installation)
Security deposit - is not required!
The amount of rent depends on the total cost picture.


+38 (096) 331-40-59


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