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Answers to frequently asked questions

     Do you guarantee the quality of the pictures on your website?

We fully guarantee the quality of our paintings. Handmade, oil paints on natural canvas paintings are easy to care for and durable. We carefully monitor and control the quality of work on the site. If you remain dissatisfied with the quality of our paintings, we have an obligation to repay the cash you paid.

     You implement only the pictures shown on the site?

No. In addition to paintings on the site, we manufacture to order any picture from our catalog http://picasaweb.google.com/www.elite.paint.com, or any other of your wishes.

     Presented on your site has a picture frame?

No. Selection of frames - too customized solution. After all, as the frame can decorate a picture, insert it into the interior, and spoil the aesthetic impression of the picture. Since the choice of the frame, as the picture is completely dependent on the tastes of the client, we prefer to give our customers an alternative. After the purchase of a picture you can to frame its own or in our partner baguette workshops.

     Is it possible to buy paintings wholesale (for interior)?

Yes possible. We also will assist you in the selection of pictures in style, color of the presented in our catalogs. If necessary, arrange the production of paintings on your order. A pricing policy for wholesale orders nice you will appreciate.

     What is the period of manufacture of paintings to order?

Production period paintings to order depends on the chosen method of manufacture. Presented in the main sections of our site work was carried out by hand, oil on canvas, natural, professional or amateur painter. Term of manufacturing and delivery of such work is unique and can be from 2 to 7 weeks. If you are interested in fine art from the "Print reproductions", the period of their production does not exceed 1-2 weeks.

     Is digital technology in the performance of work?

No. All work (except section "printed pictures"), presented on our site are made entirely by hand by artists, natural materials, without the use of digital technologies.

     Can you make a picture to order a photograph?

Yes I Am. Our artists can produce a picture of hand with oil paints on canvas based on an image supplied by you (photos, photograph, etc.).

     Can I reserve a picture on your site?

Yes I Am. If you are ready to buy the work presented on the site, but due to objective reasons can do it later, we can reserve a picture for you. To do this you need to contact us.

     Can you get a picture for export abroad?

Yes I Am. Any of those at the site of pictures and icons (except some antique) you can buy for export abroad. At the same time, we provide the full range of services, document the right to export and legal support.

     As far as completely and accurately reflect the pictures on the website the actual state of the picture?

Photos of works of art presented on the site fully reflect their real condition. There are only small errors in color reproduction of shades of colors associated with the specifics of various kinds of computer monitors.

     What products are covered by action "sub-frame as a gift?"

The campaign covers all the paintings presented on our site, with the exception of the work carried out under the shares, sales or coupon offers. Detailed information check with managers


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