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Print reproductions

Historically, not everyone today can become the owner of the work of artists whose names have long gained worldwide fame and became public property. Such as Dali, Raphael, Picasso, Rembrandt, etc. In this case, you can buy reproductions of paintings exactly repeat their originals. Same style, same plot and same color palette. Modern manufacturing technology prints have unlimited opportunities and high quality. Any of your choice to transfer the image in such a way that would be difficult to distinguish them from the paintings, hand painted by professional artists.

Main material, on which print reproductions, is a linen or cotton canvas, the last special primer. After drawing the image directly, such pictures on top lacquered, which performs a protective function against fading and the impact of the environment, such as high humidity. To make the reproduction of the original appearance and texture, we can manually apply the gel texture, which repeats the brush strokes of the artist.

Framed beautiful framed prints will be superb addition to your painting flat, villas, office and any other premises. It should be noted that the print reproduction is possible not only to the original works of art, but also with conventional photographs. The only thing you need to do is to glossy photograph was the best possible quality, and not at all important, it shows. This may be a picture of a child or other loved one, some landscape, shot from the wedding, etc. Print reproductions provides printing any image that you would like to keep the rest of their lives.

Art galareya masterpiece is ready to offer their services for the production of reproductions:

  • Print on paper;
  • Print on natural canvas;
  • Print on canvas with drawing the texture of the gel;
  • Print on canvas reproductions coated with oil paints (artist by hand).

Also glad to offer you the following services:

  • Integrated design of offices, hotels, houses, apartments, and reproductions of paintings
  • Styling "under painting" pictures and other images, followed by printing on canvas (the effect of the painting);
  • Montage and paste images into prints;
  • Restoration (recovery) of damaged photos;
  • Manufacturing of frames and moldings.

In our collections of over 10 thousand pictures of famous paintings. For availability of printed reproductions, please  contact us.

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